• Grow your business using
    correctly interpreted data

  • We design solutions
    you can rely on

  • We are a reliable partner
    for your business

We help you find relevant relationships in your past and current data, as well as identify opportunities, anticipate future developments and make correct decisions.

At any time, across industries, using the technology you choose.

mission - vision - values

Helping You Make the Right Decision

Our exclusive focus is to provide solutions based on information systems used for management and decision support. We deliver products and services in the following areas: data warehousing, reporting, data analysis including analysis of large unstructured data (Big Data), Corporate Performance Management as well as Human Capital Management.

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Our History

We started as a local IT consulting company in 2002. We have implemented dozens of projects of all sizes.

We enjoy our work and we do our best to make sure that the positive environment within our company benefits our work for our clients. We will be honoured if our work for your company becomes another successful chapter in our history.

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14 yearslongest employee tenure
7.1 yearsaverage employee tenure
12 yearslongest period of work for a single customer
89total number of certifications and accreditations received

Our Main Partners