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New communication strategy

December 11th, 2020|Ostatní

This year, we celebrated 18 years of the company on the market. Reaching maturity is a milestone in a human’s life. As our company has grown, so we too have approached this anniversary as we would another phase in the life of our company, and we have given ourselves a gift in the form of a new communication strategy based on the idea of a tree in its various forms.

Trees symbolise the values which we profess in our company – respect, courtesy and responsibility.

The majesty of the forest engenders respect. Forests grow in value over time, and just like our company they grow slowly, steadily, swell and expand, while withstanding the vagaries of the weather and resisting pests.

Courtesy – the forest endures much, while remaining silent, without undercutting, and following its own course. It cannot be bribed.

Responsibility – we all benefit from the forest. Trees have helped us since time immemorial: without them we would not be here on this planet.

Each tree in the forest has a role. We too know how important diversity is. 

Although we are each different, with different abilities, skills and ideas for self-fulfilment, we live next to each other and we lean on each other. The basis of our co-operation, upon which we all build, is shared. Every good forest comprises not just various species of tree, but also older and younger trees. Only thus can it survive and adapt to the times. Without the protection of older trees, the younger trees could never thrive, and without the verve of the younger trees, the older would instead succumb to disasters and the changing environment.

The different parts of a tree also describe us perfectly:

Roots » expressing our maturity, tradition, stability, something our clients appreciate, or knowledge, experience, the individuals who comprise the firm foundations of our business

Trunk » representing our strength, support, directness, drive, our focus on solutions

Branches » these are symbols of innovation, development, providing shade and protection from the rain

These parts of the tree also relate to our services:

Roots » representing the intricate and extensive volume of data from our own and external sources

Trunk » as trees grow, so their trunk expands, marked by growth rings – similarly, in every company data collects and grows, increasing in volume

Branches » the services we give to you, our customers, also branch out, but together they form one single whole incorporating the complete management of your data


A “tree” also signifies something in computer science – expressing data structures, decision trees, roots, nodes, in depth and width.

Here at Sophia Solutions, we can offer partnership, stability, consistent values and help for others.

You can lean on us!