Planning and controlling tool XENIE

Success of business in the pharmaceutical industry is sensitive to changes in market sentiment, supply conditions and availability of resources. The key to success is being able to react quickly and adapt sales strategy and financial management to these changes.

XENIE is planning and controlling solution for pharmaceutical industry which you can use right away. It allows you to focus on modeling of new business opportunities, profitability, pricing and improvement of performance.

XENIE screen 1


  • Acceleration of preparation, revision and approval of plans
  • Reduction of non-productive activities
  • Standardization of plan formats
  • Simple alternative plan creation (“what if“ modelling)
  • Decreasing number of errors
  • Increasing reliability of plans and predictions
  • Quick availability of all plan versions
  • Simple and quick updates of actual data
  • Fast processing of large amounts of data
  • Easy maintenance of the cloud solution
  • Salesman

    Fast creation of sales plan over the period chosen and in several scenarios of market and supply conditions.


    Immediately available financial reports based on sales plans.


    Possibility to respond to unfavorable development of profitability and other parameters by displaying actual data and variances against the plan.

XENIE dashboard


XENIE is a combination of Oracle technology and Sophia Solutions’ know-how on performance management.

XENIE is a cloud-based service solution and is located on Oracle servers. Every customer has his own instance of XENIE in the cloud whose functionality and data are independent from other customers’ instances. This approach provides a high level of security and individual changes to the solution are possible.

Functionality of XENIE is accessible using a web browser or using MS Excel with an installed add-in.


XENIE Architecture